About KL Heater

K.L. Industry was established in 1978 as K.L. Electric and Control Ltd. producing and marketing electric heating plates used for ironing in Thailand. This developed into tubular heaters where we were the first standard manufacturer of tubular heaters in the country. Our company evolved and renamed to K.L. Heater Co., Ltd. and finally K.L. Industry as it stands today.

Our products serve a variety of key functions from household heaters to the aircraft, food, petrochemical, metallurgy and plastics industries.

With over 40 years of direct experience in electric heating in the South East Asia climate, we are continuously improving our heaters to better serve these industries in our region. Our products are durable, exceed safety standards and underpin our purpose of keeping ahead with innovation, technology and extensive R&D. With this strong technical and manufacturing experience, our products continue to have the highest standards with continued investment and development for the best heating solutions for our clients.